Bersa Thunder Quality and cost of mags?

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I've had two different gun dealers tell me that the Bersa Thunder .380 is the best one there is, that they looked at all the others and took the best things. Any experience or comments appreciated. Also, what do the magazines cost? thanks, Kyle
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    I'm a dealer, and for the money the Bersa is ok. It is ok for a ccw, but I wouldn't want to call it a 2000 round target p[istol. Bottom line it is a cheap pistol. I think the clips are around $20 .
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    I bought one for my wife, I thought it would be excellent for her, big enough to get a good grip,heavy, safe and in .380. It turned out to be accurate, feed hollow points and recoiled very little. Unfortunatey it broke twice. Once the spring under the grip pannel and the other time the trigger locked up and had to be sent back. That was after about 300 rounds.
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    Similar size and weight, go with a Sig P232, its a hell of alot better pistol.Beretta also makes nice .380's like the Cheeta 84 and 85. Can pick them up used for about $350 at gunshows here in TX.
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