Klean Killer Pigeon Gun

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My Grand Father had a shotgun 20-16 gauge that I inherited. on the side it has "Klean Killer Pigeon Gun" engraved on the sideOn the top of the barrel stamped into it reads "Patented Aug. 11, 1896" or 1898 (I don't have it here in front of me) I am trying to find out more information about this type of gun Please HelpPlease email at mailto:[email protected]


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    Help I need more information about this Gun
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    I believe it was made by Hopkins & Allen as a "hardware store gun" for a Missouri-based hardware store.Value is as a decorator/curiosity only, would advise against shooting it.
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    A.D.'s correct as usual. Probably ok to shoot if in proper mechanical condition, but much better permanently on display in a den.It's not worth taking a risk when the value of the gun will be pressed to exceed $35.00 and your fingers... Well, that's a different story!
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