Bird Bombs

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Can a person still find the firecracker type bird bombs, that were launched with a 22cal starter pistol and 22 blank cartridge?Crows are starting to flock and roost in shelterbelt.Would like to change their minds!SUPPORT THE NRA


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    I have a box of these but have been cautious about shooting them. They are 12 gauge with what looks to be an M-80 inside the fuse is lit by the primer. Anybody know how far they shoot and what propels the M-80 out the barrel, fuse acts like a rocket?? How long from the time the trigger is pulled till it leaves the barrel
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    I have never seen these in 22, but I know they have these in 12 gauge.
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    i still see them at the shows. come from germany.
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    The last one I purchased was from Firefox Enterprises Inc., P.O. Box 5366, Pocatello, ID 83202....Telephone number (208) 237 - 1976. Their catalog is $3.00 and what you are looking for should be listed under wildlife control devices. I don't know if they still carry them in their inventory, but it will at least be a place to start.
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