Holster advice needed

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Can anyone recommend a simple (slim jim style is good) crossdraw holster for the 71/2" Super Blackawk? Everything I've seen has been for Vaqueros with fixed sights. Strong side carry doesn't work for me for hunting, and I don't want a shoulder rig.


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    Cabellas has some good deals on a cross draw - look through their catalog. Of course I like most took about 6 months to find a holster that looked and felt good. There are usually some good deals on this auction site.
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    Ever thought about having a custom made leather holster, its cheaper than you think. I've had several made by Bobby Goza in Beaumont, TX. He's really good, and not an amateur by any means. I don't know his number, but you can call information and ask for 10-32 Supply in Beaumont, TX. Ask for Bobby, he does alot of custom mail order stuff. Tell him Lee sent ya.
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