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does anyone know what the three numbers mean under the bolt handle. on all my Sako bolts, there are three numbers etched into the steel.


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    A friend is trying to get me to buy his Sako Finbear. He tells me it is a "pre '72 Garcia", and that it is worth more. I have no idea what that means. Does anyone know what Pre Garcia means when referring to Sako rifles?
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    I don't know what the differnce is, but my price guides prices the garicia rifle at 25% more than the others because they use a L61R action, now I don't know what that is either. But prices are 995 for 100%,895 for 98, 725 for 95. Hope this helps
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    Any chance there is a connection to Garcia ,of Abu-Garcia fishing reels? I`ve wondered about that before.When a company is taken over,the originals are worth more.
    Will the last reb to leave flarda,please bring the flag?
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    The Garcia Co and another importer called Rymac began importing Sako rifles in 1972. Collectors heavily favor the pre-72 rifles that bear no import marking. Some think there is a decline in quality from 1972; there definitely were some design changes on some models.
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