Vacuum Packing Ammo?

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Is it safe to vacuum pack ammo. I have one of those food sealers, and have thought about vacuum packing the extra rounds I carry in my pack. But when you pack marshmallows, they expand to about 5 times their original size. I wondered if anyone knows about ammo? I thought I saw some .223 ammo at a gun show packed, but wanted to ask before I did it. Thanks


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    seems to me i have seen military ammo in green, vacuum paked plastic. i dont see where it would hurt anything.
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    It won't hurt it to vacuum pack, the only reason I could see for doing this though is water proofing, which can be done with zip locks, but the vacuum pack might be tougher depending on the plastic.
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    The Cases withstand the immense pressure of the explosion when fired so I don't see how reducing the outside pressure could hurt it.
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    Vacuum pack it with a dessicant sleeve and the ammo will probably outlast a couple of lifetimes, no moisture or oxidizers to break the powder/casing down.Mike
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    If you can pack the ammo/guns in a place of low humidity such as a heated building,throw some desiccant in the bags and squeeze the excess air out you should be good. Vacuum packing may cause the plastic to adhere to the metal and be a hassle to peel off if you need the materiel in a hurry.
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    To keep the plastic from touching the cases, put the ammo in a cloth bag like a pillow case, then vacum pack them.
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