whats it worth Lee hand shot shell loader

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The box is red and is marked LEE LOADER, for 12 Gauge, SHOTGUN SHELLS, a compleat set of accueatwly machined shot shell reloading tools instruction inside. This is kinda neat kit comes with six tools for loading one at a time.[:D]


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    If this is the little box about 4 x 6 inches, I saw one at the gunshow this past weekend for 15.00 dollars american money.

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    Anywhere from $10 to $20 depending on condition, etc. But you won't find a lot of interest and I suspect that the previous estimate of $15 will come closer to the mark unless you are patient and prepared to wait things out.


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    There's no great interest in 12 Gauge Lee Loaders for shotshells. There the first ones Lee made, and are the most common.

    Some of the Lee Loaders for rifle cartridges are collectable. Lee made only short runs of certain calibers, these are sought after.

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    I had a 16 ga set that I sold on E barf last year and it went for $40

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    Go to ebay and type in "Lee Loader" in the search bar. You will quickly get a good idea of what each gauge is going for--generally around ten bucks except for the .410, which commonly reaches the $40 level. Be sure to see how much each seller is trying to get for shipping 'cuz this varies between reasonable and outrageous.
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    like the others said, 12 ga is common and not valuable $10 max, but I sold a couple that went well over $100 this spring, including a 22 savage HP for $160, a 10 Ga 2 7/8" for 120, and a 351 SL for $120. The more obscure, the more valuable.

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