How do I disassemble a modle 66 Remington?

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I Bought a model 66 Remington with the nylon black stock and nikcle plating for 100 bucks.The bad news is it's got a cracked forarm.I was going to remove the action from the stack and fix it.The problem is that the remove part is'nt working out.I am verry mechinecaly inclined but this thing has got me stummped.Does anyone know how to disassemble this gun?

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    You cannot remove the fore end, the plastic stock is all one piece, to remove the barrel and bolt Assy. you remove the two screws thru the breech area and lift the metal sleeve off the top, the rest of dis-assembley is simply removing parts from the core of the plastic frame, this is NOT a user friendly design and the internals are easily lost. If it were mine, I would try and repair it as assembled.
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    Get yourself a copy of The Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly Part III-Rimfire Rifles. Has a complete visual step by step.I'm sure its available from Brownells. Even the person who designed this gun can't reassemble it without this-Bob

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    Since the stock is nylon it can easily be melted away with a small propane torch allowing easy access to whatever is left. You're welcome, Pel

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    Ok I got it apart the trick was to remove the bolt handle it pulled out with a little force and was designed to do so .Now I have to-
    1.fix or replace the stock.
    2replace a screw on the outside of the receiver that was replaced with a non factory type.
    3.clean clean clean.
    5.auctualy shoot the gun.
    6. deside if I am going to keep it or sell it.

    Does anyone know where or if I can find a new stock?

    Is it ok to put it in the dish washer?

    Can I use fine steel wool on the nickel plateing?

    Does anyone know of a sorce for the screw?

    Because I removed the barrel will I have to head space it?

    This is the Remington model 66 .I belive they call this the apachie?It has a black nylon stock and nickel plated barrel and receiver.

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    It's not gun control.It's personal defence elemanation. They only want to control ours.
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    You have a Nylon66 in apache black. If your forearm is cracked ahead (in front) of the place where the little barrel-holding ring sits; you can fix it.
    Be sure to take a polaroid of the way the little flappy thing that sits on top of the barrel looks before you take the barrel off, and don't forget to stop the bolt so it doesn't get caught (in back & below) on the sear struts, or you'll have a &%#@$ of a time putting it back together.
    The screw that's supposed to be there has a cruciform head (two slots-not phillips), and should hold the barrel clamp securely in its' slot.
    Dishwasher safe? You gotta be kiddin'.

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    Gunpatch parts dealer has lots of 66 parts. I don't have their contact address in front of me so can't help you with that. The front part of the stock is easily repairable. If it is badly split, you might want to reinforce it on the inside or with some small pins.

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    Yes the crack is well ahead of the barrel lock so it will not afect alignment. I found the screw at nurmich .The reciever (serialized piece ) has a small place where the nickel plateing is missing about 1/8 inch wide and about 1 inch long .Can this be fixed and if so how?I foung a reciver in (listed )very good condition for 40 bucks .would it be cheeper to buy it? What would the value of this gun be in very good condition?

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    The following link is to a Remington Nylon rifles group, from there you can download any of the service manuals for the various nylon rifles. Good luck.


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