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Here are pictures of what I have. Can anyone tell by the pics if it is complete except for the receiver? I would also like to get a ballpark value so I can put it on the auction. TIA for any help.

A couple of things to note, the more worn magazine on the left is representative of a total of 6 used looking mags. The 4 mags on the right are as new, and the 4 is all there is of them. So there is a total of 10 useable mags. There are however 16 more of the used mags with dents in them. It looks like one could remove the floor plates, and push the dents out of maybe half of those to get serviceable mags.

The recoil buffer is present, and installed in the stock. Also, hard to see in the picture, but the trigger group appears to be complete.

On the close up pictures of the barrel, and flash hider, I'm trying to show the rust that has accumulated on these parts. There is also some rust showing in the bore, but some cleaning may tone the rust issue down a bit. Also, in the vertical picture of the flash suppressor, I was trying to show not only rust, but the flash suppressor is squashed flat on one side.

FYI, the barrel has a date of 1-53 on it. and These parts were purchased 30-35 years ago, and it is supposed to be a Korean War vintage gun.










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    This auction was for a parts kit in nice condition:

    Some of your parts are so pitted that they are not usable. Without Kroil, a wire wheel, & a Dremel, it's hard to tell at this point.

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    The " Buffer" is part of the slow fire mechanism. The BAR has two rates of fire. When the "Buffer" is jammed from rust it loses the 250 slow rate giving only full auto and semiauto rates.
    If it saw Korean War action, that "buffer" and the adjustable gas port are rusted in place, needing replacement due to corrosive ammo and wet conditions.
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