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Anyone have info on this scope as to what it is for, age, anything? It has a rail built into the scope for mounting.


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    If none of are folks can help. Go to S & B's, web site. Click on the English flag on the top of the page. And send them a e-mail. Giving all information, you have on the scope.

    They only have been in business, since the 50's. So likely, they would be able to give you the skinny on it. It's not like the pre W W II scopes. Where all the info, has been lost or destroyed.
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    Thanks rufe -hopefully someone will know -
    I will try that though if no one chimes in -
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    German high end rifle scope. Likely for a Drilling, Combination Gun, or Bolt Action with German Post & Cross Hair Recticule (sp). Proprietary mount on firearm likely had left/right adjustment in the mount with scope based elevation adjustment possibly detachable in the field.

    Since this is a 4x to 12x scope, I would guess that it was not made for European Hunting market.
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    Years back. I use to have, a Costa Mesa AR 180. With a similar scope mount. The protruding finger was spring loaded. You compressed it against a shoulder on the top of the receiver. And then pivoted the scope and mount forward to lock into the top of the receiver.

    I'm not saying, your scope and mount are for the AR 180. But if the finger sticking out is spring loaded? It appears to have been made for a similar application.

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    Schmidt and Bender has always built every component of their scopes in house. Only manufacturer in the world to do so. They are the people to ask. Attach photos to your email.
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