White Outline Rear Sights

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I have a Ruger rear sight blade with impressions for white coloring, but the blade is black. Tried auto touch-up paint but despite cleaning with acetone, it wouldn't stick. Thinking about either white epoxy (hard to find locally) or maybe white porceline touch up.
Any experiences or suggestions greatly appreciated.


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    Modeling paints and nail polish...

    May require touch up occasionally but workable and cheap

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    Did you rough up the surface a little, use like a hat pin to scratch up the grove. +1 Nail polish is cheap and works for while. The porcelain touch up might be a good choice too.
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    And please consider that you may want your modification to be somewhat easily reversible - that if and when the time comes to sell your gun being able to return it to stock factory configuration may provide for an easier sale

    Like custom cars you will modify to your tastes and needs but not everyone will agree with your vision

    Model paint and nail polish being removable will allow you to experiment with different colors and reflective albedo to find the optimal coating for your needs across various light levels

    (Edit: thanks for the albedo response - I thought it fit better than refractive index - and you guys are pretty well educated and well read - I picked it up from Robert Anson Heinlein as a young sci fi * and I often simply assume you guys know what I mean)

    Brownells has pricier products I believe

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    I forget the "proper" name. It's a felt tip pen in a metal tube that has shakers in the pen. I think it came in white.
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    Thanks for all the replies. No problem with altering the original, as I already removed, and saved, the original (Uberti) blade and replaced it with a Ruger unit that has the outline impression.
    mrmike, I'm 70. Haven't even heard the concept of albedo mentionned since it was the topic of my 8th grade science project!! Thanks for the memory. (Fun time with a desk lamp, a variety of reflecting surfaces, and my Ol'Man's photographic light meter.)
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    I commonly use nail polishes and they work fine.
    just because you could doesn't mean you should
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    Have you tried Dykem Brite Mark(industrial marking pen),,,,,,,albeit, don't know how fine a tip you need.
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    I have used white out for years. Easily removed with nail polish if you want it removed.
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    if you want paint to stick, try primer.

    tape it off, spray with auto primer from AutoZone. or spray some on a cardboard and brush it on with a model paint brush.
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