Reparkerizing an old Colt

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I'm looking for someone in the Phoenix area that can do a WWII style parkerizing job on a GI Colt. It's pretty well used and in need of a refinish by someone that knows what he is doing. Hlouie


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    Parkerizing isn't rocket science. Any reputable gunsmith should be able to do a fine job.

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    Unless it's really beat up and in need of reparking I'd leave it alone as a shooter. If it really needs it as stated above you can take it to just about any local smith and have it done. I personally would just leave it be and shoot it, probably has a lot of character in the cond. it's in.


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    It's your gun; do what you want. Just make sure that what you request is "manganese phosphate" parkerizing. And, don't park the barrel & springs.

    If you want that greenish look that many WWII guns have now, just cover the refinished gun with grease & wait 60 years.



    Manganese phosphate repark
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