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I bought an upper receiver for an intratec tec-9. The person who sold it had misrepresented its compatibility. The difference is that the end of the receiver is not threaded. Is it possible to have it threaded somewhere, or does anyone know who can do it so I can put the endcap on.


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    are tec-22's just as prone to jamming as the tec-9?
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    No, not as much in my opinion. The 9mm works well, almost flawlessly with the Blazer aluminum cartridges. They are more lightweight.
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    Only when they will actualy feed and eject. I have one that I got for $100, which was about $100 too much. It will shoot 1 round all the time, but I have yet to find anything that will eject from it.

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    I have seen TEC 22's that won't eject, but it was because people were trying to use Butler Creek Hot Lips Magazines. Butler Creek Hot Lips 10/22 magazines work great in a 10/22, but not in the TEC 22. Why? Because they don't have an "ejector" built into their feed lips. Standard factory 10/22 mags have an ejector built into the feed lips of the magazine. So do the Ramline magazines. The Ruger 10/22 has an ejector built into the gun, the TEC 22 does not have an ejector built into the gun. Hence you must use a magazine in the TEC 22 that has an ejector built into the feed lips of the magazine itself, otherwise it will extract the shell and leave it in the action and jam it up. In general I would recommend the Butler Creek Hot Lips magazine over the Ramline, but when the magazine is being used specifically in the TEC 22, I've got to go with the Ramline type magazine instead.
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    Thanks for the info Irarmsx--can use it myself. [:D]
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    I feel if you use the expensive round nose ammo in the tec .22 it works better. I use Mini-Mag brand in mine. Like I said the Blazers work well in the 9mm, the same company makes the Mini-Mag .22's. Like $3.00 a box for 50 rounds.
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