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I know some swat force guys (called STAR force in Australia)and apparently they've been training with H&K MP5's (?) and jumping 10 meters (33 feet) into water from helicopters. That's a good feat, but I asked whether they plug the barrels and make the action/breech waterproof. apparently not. they are supposed to drain the water out of the barrel befor firing if they need to fire. Isn't that frought with danger? a little help here from the experts would be nice. Thanks


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    I had occasion to need to fire after submerging in water....
    I did not give it much thought at the time...I guess it worked out 'cause I am still here.

    When given time to think, if you can allow the thing to 'drain' (from a couple of angles if possible), it should operate OK. I am not speaking of custom, very close fit, guns....just military or blue collar pieces.

    In the day to day world, I would probably break it down and clean it up before firing. It may not be necessary, but I may do it anyway.

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    Here is the big thing to remember about guns and water. If you are going to try this it HAS to be FULL or EMPTY not half full, partialy full, ect. I am not totaly sure how it works but if the gun is FULL of water (totaly under water) there is no pressure spike to blow things up. If you go and stick half the BBL in the water it acts like a BBL obstruction causeing pressure spikes and BOOOOMMMM. When you see the guys in the water with the guns (not hollywood) when they come up/out they tip the BBL down letting the water run out. Is it the safest pratice, probably not, but you need to train the way you will use them. Like plads said they are militay style firearms, not you standard hunting rifles.

    I should also add that this should only be done with NON EXPANDING ammo ie. FMJ only.

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    Standard USGI drill when exiting the water with a semiauto: Lower the muzzle, pull the bolt slightly to the rear (allows air to enter the bore), release the bolt, hit forward assist.

    I've fired MP5's after completely submerging them in water and without taking time to drain the bore. No problems.
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    The MP5 has a large enough bore to allow the water to drain without much help.

    The .22 caliber barrel of a military rifle is small enough that the water can remain in by capillary action unless it is intentionally drained.

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