steel shot in a Remington 31

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I just picked up a remington 31 16ga. manufactured in 1949, aand I was wondering if it was able to handle modern steel shot for waterfowl. or should I just stick to upland birds and clays.
thanks in advance.


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    I would not recommend shooting steel shot in it. Hevi-Shot makes waterfowl loads that are safe to shoot in older "classic" shotguns, though it is a bit pricey.
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    No. Bismith will also work.
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    It would help to know what choke it has. Open chokes such as cylinder/skeet, shouldn't have any problem with steel shot.

    Many of the older shotguns were retrofitted for steel shot, by having their chokes opened up. Recently I had a early 50's vintage full choke Model 12. That had been opened up to improved cylinder, for steel shot.

    As long as the gunsmith who does the work is competent,it would have no adverse affect on the shotgun. Other than perhaps it's collectors value.
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    When steel shot first came out, I buggered the choke on my older 870. I don't know for certain the cause but after a few shots while goose hunting, I noticed some longitudinal striations and a slight swelling at the beginning of the choke. It was my opinion that the original steel shot was a little too hard and/or the wads were too thin allowing the hard shot to contact the choke.
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    Rufe Snow is right on[;)]
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