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what is the barrel made of Steel or Ceramic


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    I'm in the market for my first handgun primarily for concealed carry purposes. There is a local range where the public may pay a flat fee to rent all of the guns for a day in order to try them out. This is the perfect opportunity to get the feel of a particular gun, but it doesn't tell of the reliability of the weapon. I've researched several models and from what I've come up with, it looks as if the Glock 30 and/or the Para Ordnance Para Carry may be what I'm looking for. However, I've begun to uncover some inherent problems with the Glocks from premature wear of the recoil springs to the darned things blowing up.(true or false?)
    I would like to know from people with experience with these guns as to the reliability and durability of these weapons. If anyone can suggest a particular gun, that would help as well. Any and all input would be appreciated! Thank you
    P.S. I would like to stick with a .45 ACP
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    Thinking of acquiring.Any negative opinions out there?Thx
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    I had some very bad luck with Glock's. Folk's seem to either love them or hate them. No in betweens. I will continue to look at what Glock builds, and someday I may buy another one. But, it will be after they build one with a fully supported chamber. I will not own any of the weapons they build today.
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    I've owned a Glock 30 for over 5 years. I wouldn't part with it. It's never failed to function perfectly and is more accurate than I am.
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