Dumb AR-15 Question

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I have an RRA AR-15 complete lower in my safe. Can I marry a
DPMS .308 upper to it?


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    This may be a dumb question but I have the opportunity to buy a pre-ban complete lower for a Colt AR-15,real cheap too,but what I want to know is that if I have a pre-ban lower can I put a post ban upper on it and add a flash supressor or does it have to be a pre-ban upper as well.Also,if you have an AR-15 A2 which is a pre-ban,can you remove the full stock and replace it with an M-4 collapsable as well as put a 16" barrel pre or post ban.I thought I had the answers to these ?'s but I heard somewhere different so I would like to hear some other opinions.BTW,I am talking about the Federal Assault weapon ban not state as anything legal federally is legal in my state.Thanks to any and all help,Josey.

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    if the lower is 5.56, it wont work. mag well wont match.
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    Hmmm, AR10 + AR15 = AR25

    Yep, dumb question![:o)]
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    AR-25, sounds bigger and bigger is better right? LOL

    Thanks for the help
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    I've used the AR30 - it is bigger (338 Lapua Mag) and better, but it is also a bolt action.
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    my AARP is bigger. they have over 10 million members![:p]
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    You can do that if you are going to use it in parade.[:0][:)][:)]
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    If you manually loaded the chamber with 1 round would it fire or is the hammer too far forward on the receiver of an AR15 lower?
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