New Mossberg lever action

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Mossberg has introduced a new lever action and I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on it? I was wondering if it was made in the US or abroad under the Mossberg name and what you think of it. Sure looks like a Winchester clone.


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    I hadn't heard of it before now (yep, I'm a newb...) , but I sure like the looks of it.

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    Tech141: Welcome aboard. This is a great forum and we can always use your areas of expertise. The guys and gals on this forum have saved me many times from making mistakes by explaining why this or that choice in firearm was good or bad. Also, I am interested in reloading within the next year and know nothing about it. The folks on this forum really know their stuff when it comes to reloading, hunting, and you name it. Anyway, I really like the looks of the Mossberg and a friend, who shoots almost nothing but lever actions, got me interested in them too. Here in Missouri, white tail deer hunting often involves shots between 40 and 60 yards so you can see my interest. Hope you like it here.
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    NOTPARS, Thanks for the welcome. I've enjoyed it so far. Lot's of good folks with advice. Also, a good forum to express opinions and I appreciate each one, whether I agree with them or not. Looking forward to my first Give-away....
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