removing grease from m44 nagont

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just bought a couple of m44 nagonts what it the best way to remove the grease that they use to store them.


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    Do a search for cosmo removal or similar phrase and see past posts on this subject. It seems to come up about every 2 weeks or so.

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    I like to use a hand torch and heat it up just a little so it ain't so sticky makes it easier to clean then I'll use some ol'fashioned elbow grease and gun oil.
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    Search for previous results. Most go for a soak in Mineral Spirits , Kerosine, etc., etc.. Then patience, some toothpicks, brushes, a sqirt bottle and cup-o-solvent du jour. Brake cleaners are a popular 'finish up' to get everything off, but patience is probably the most important ingredient.
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    Don't make it complicated! Kerosine is as good as anything else. Just be careful; it is highly flammable. Do it outdoors.
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    congrats on your new rifles,..when i got my M-38 and M-44 i got my trusty screwdriver and a bottle of break free gun oil,..good luck

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    Here's a good article I found on the internet about cosmoline removal.



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    thanks for all the help i guy at work gave me a idea so i used it...
    he told me to use wd-40 but i used liquid wrench to remove it it came off really esally even on the wood
    then i used degreaser to get the liquid wrench of the wood.. was done in about 2 1/2 hours for both guns..i tried the degreaser on the cosmoline first but the liguid wrench broke it up 10 times faster.
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    Wow, I'll have to try that sometime

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    Be aware, though the cosmo is removed, it will surely still 'sweat' grease when it heats up in the hot sun, or at the range. Be sure to bring an old rag along to wipe this away! In fact, since you already got it done, it doesn't matter, but my suggestion would have been to wrap the gun in a black garbage bag and put it in the sun a few hours to really heat it up, melt off the grease, and wipe it down, follwed by a wipe with kerosene, but anyhow... I'll have to try that liquid wrench.

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    ya i thought about that to so i took the hair dryer to it for awhile to see if i could get any more out of it... couldnt get much more. but only tried for a couple of min... wife came home and cought me using her hairdryer..
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