Remington scope mounts

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I have a Remington Model 30 Express 30-06,(circa 1927). I want to put a new scope on it. I don't know much about them or the kind of mounts I would need. I want to be able to shoot 500+ yds. The gun is in flawless working condition with an old Weaver scope on it now.A new, more modern one would be perfect for it, keeping the price under $400.


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    If the presently mounted scope has a 1" tube you would probably do well to use the mounts that are already on the rifle. A prime consideration would be size of the ocular lens (back) bell and objective (front) bell. A replacement scope might hit the rifle if the bells on either end are too large. If that is a problem you might correct it by getting taller rings to fit the present bases. It seems that many shooters are afflicted with the "bigger is better" syndrome when buying a scope. I think there is rarely a need for a 50mm objective lens on a hunting scope.
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    fwiw the 30 rem. uses the same scope mounts as the 1917 enfield (modified to rem. contour)
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    Herschel---The scope rings are 3/4".I've talked to a few different people about the size of the scope and they said the same thing,you don't need to go big.Back to the rings,I think getting taller one's will be the better way to go.Thanks for the advice.
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