h&r 22cal 9 shot pistol

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i just acquired a h&r 22 cal 9 shot pistol over the internet a couple of days ago i had aquestion about the cylinder i collect these pistols i have about 6 or 7 model 922 and model 929 the cylinder looks like it is for a model 929 because the center part slides in and out to eject the casings all at once not like the model 922 knocking them out one at a time the guy i bought it from said it was made in 1959 i thought all the 922 models did the same function it looks like you can use the cylinder rod to do the function serial #V13380 on bottom of grip cylinder has 2 and 6 stamped on it is the right cylinder or do i have to find the right one ? thanks forgot to add it has blond grips and barrel length is 2 inches


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    h&r model 922 9 shot 22 cal
    problem with misfires at range almost every other one
    when i cock the hammer it feels weak possible weak mainspring? if so would i be able to replace it myself? serial# AL 1812 3and1/2" barrel
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    Recommend you let a gunsmith check it over and repair it if needed.
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    Take a look at the mainspring located under the hand grip panels. The spring has a plastic top piece that will brake and the gun handles just like you described. You can order a spring and replace it. Or if uncomfortable take it to a gunsmith.
    Very fun gun to shoot.
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    when i was cleaning it for the first time i took the grips off and did notice a white plastic piece floating in there couldn't figure out where it came from that must be the problem thanks for the info will order new mainspring from numrich gunparts
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    Floyd nailed it!
    Had the same problems with my model 922, and one of my 999's
    Ordered new mainsprings from numrich, and no more problems!
    If I can replace them, I am sure you can too.
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