WWII Code 42 Luger

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    Interesting. Looks well done as in not by Bubba. Could have been done later or when issued/presented to the guy for some reason. Have you googled his name as a german WWII soldier?

    Oh and welcome, there are lots of helpful and knowledgeable people here.

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    Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I have tried to research the name; I did find a persons obituary with this exact initials and name; the gentleman was from PA, but no mention was made of military service... so likely wasn't him.   Its obviously a German surname, but was the gun a presentation to a German Officer.... or a GI who had his own name inscribed as a souvenir?  That's the $50 question!     I'm hoping some Luger expert has seen this kind of thing before and can shed some light on the matter. 

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    The fancy engraved Kreighoff Lugers sometimes had the recipient's name on them. It is possible this gun was originally presented to Herr Steigerwalt when it was new.

    On the other hand I searched for several minutes trying to find any other lugers similarly engraved and all I found was this:


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    Very unlikely, that the engraving was done during the war, IMHO. Just wasn't done, in the * wehrmacht. Kind of funny thinking about it. Some guy has his named engraved on a Luger. Best case scenario for him. He would get sent to a penal battalion , on the eastern front,(Russia).

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    Thanks for your reply.

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