solvent and oil vs. CLP....

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Always been a solvent and oil guy for cleaning purposes, brand varies depending on my mood at the time. One thing I've really become happy with is M-Pro 7 for cleaning carbon on the cylinder faces of my revolvers. After reading up on it, it states that it is a 3 in 1, or a CLP product. Any one used a CLP product instead of the old solvent and oil method? If so, which one's, and how do they work for you?


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    Brake Free is a 3in1 CLP, always seemed to work good me. I prefer solvents for the bore when it needs a though cleaning with a brush, how ever Brake Free can work just as well, solvent seems to dissolve power resin fast better when left to soak.

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    I like Shooter's Choice for my solvent and use the BreakFree as the final wipe. On my stainless steel pistols I just leave the black, sort of like the blue on chrome exhaust pipes.
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    The owners manuals in my three Sigs recommend CLP for everything.  It works.  I have a gallon of other stuff to use up.
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    I haven't had a lot of luck with clp products on shotguns. Plastic wad residue kind of laughs at it. Shooters choice loosens it in about 10 minutes. For lightly used rifles and handguns I do use clp. Some do require the occasional use of something stronger for copper build up. I like clp because of low odor. If I clean just one gun in the house with Montana Extreme, my wife makes her displeasure known. The high stink stuff just gets used in nice weather when I can use it in the garage or outdoors. Bob
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    I use Gibbs for CLP, and it works.
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