Micro-Stamping, I live in California and know firsthand just how radical gun laws are here.

Are any manufactures of firearms who are allowed to sell guns in this state actually are "microstamping"
their firing pins yet? If so what about used firearms? will there be some sort of micro stamped retrofit??
Who knows what they'll propose next??
Thanks in advance.


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    just for sake of argument, could you repeat that again???????????
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    How does microstamping work?
    Microstamping is a process in which a gun imprints a unique microscopic code onto the ammunition it fires. The goal is to enable detectives to collect shell casings at a crime scene, enter the code in a database and quickly track the firearm to its owner.

    Do firing pins have serial numbers?
    Fact: Firing pins are readily removable and swappable in most models of handguns, with inexpensive replacement parts. Criminals who file down serial numbers on the sides of guns won't hesitate to file or exchange firing pins.

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    My firearms are exempt
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    There you go making sense again, Joe. I warned you about that.
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    No gun manufacturer is doing it. And that’s exactly what the gun grabbers in California knew would happen. And if a gun maker lets a model fall off the roster it’s not getting back on if it’s a semi auto. Do what I did a decade ago, get out while you can...but move to the reddest State you can.

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