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I keep getting messages, both email and text, asking to give some money to assist the GOP. I have contributed in the past. I sent them a return message that until the DOJ had arrested and charged the main actors in the "Deep State" who had committed treason, that I would not be one of their monetary supporters. Stop the saber rattling and DO something with the evidence you have, dammit! Either do it or get off the pot! 


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    I have donated to a very few local elections to people I knew & who were honest and had a good reputation in the community.

    I have NEVER given to the DNC nor the RNC nor will I ever....not even on the Fed. Tax Return.  

    Why?  Because the 'candidates' have millions in their bank accounts already.  I will not be suckered into the scam of sucking money from hard working people while they are to cheap to spend their own with the exception of Donald Trump who paid his own way with his own money - mostly. 

    Very few candidates in the past several decades have ever had, let alone worked a 'regular job.'   And the few that have, are already far richer then 85% of legally, eligible voters.

    The times I have been solicited for a monetary contribution, I simply say "My vote will be my contribution IF I vote for the candidate and that vote cannot be bought."  EOS
    "This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it." Abraham Lincoln
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    last time i donated $500 to local state representative race and never even got a thank you i made it the LAST time....
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    Political donation though one thinks may be noble, can be a big mistake.
    By doing so your mail boxes both at your home and on the computer plus your telephone will be taken over by hundreds seeking more donations. The will even come to your door and ask for money.
    List of people who donate to whatever cause, pact, or charity, are sold to any with enough cash on hand despite these pacts saying they will never release personal info. If not released or shared, people hack, steal, and spy to attain these lists.

    Made the mistake of donating to our local PD association which I highly respect with the promise, my donation would be anonymous, but somehow my info was leaked and the many calls from a myriad of other LEO orgs and charities began.  Nothing is sacred anymore when it comes to money...... 

     Certainly, I believe in charitable giving as well as donating to political causes I believe in, but bad behavior on the part of the recipients is unacceptable and pisses people of to the point they refuse to donate altogether.  
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    ^^^^^ That is right, Chiefr! They ALL sell your contact info. I probably throw away 4-5 lbs of junk mail a week. How they can afford to mail all that stuff is beyond me. I've started mailing their return envelopes back with another beggar's letter in it with my info torn out. These days you can't even donate to anything without being hounded. I'm going to start buying raffle tickets from the local veteran groups. 
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    I stopped donating when the emails from Trump Junior and a few others got more and more aggressive. I am willing to donate some of my money to organizations and causes that I believe in, but when they start demanding my money I am all done. Sorry GOP, I'm gone.
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    yep....tons of beggars out there to ignore...last election cycle i went into a rally for my local state representative...wrote em  a check for $500....they all knew me , i knew all of them at the meeting...never got a simple thank you...never again
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    I get those request all the time, mostly now from the GOP and Trump himself. I write on each one in red ink that I haven't seen Hillary on trial and nor a single Demo or member of the FBI leadership have been sent to jail over the Russian collusion, wire tapping, entrapment fiasco yet and return each one since they have stamped return envelopes included, am I disappointed......Hell yes,.....piss on them all, I know their games well and can play too, my dollars have dried up    ;)
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    I have never made a political donation to any politician or political party and I'm sure not going to start now.
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