Agent Orange got another.

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My cousin Lawrence Ronnie Craig  US Army Line haul driver with the 545th Transportation outfit in Vietnam
I know he hauled men, munitions, etc into many places, across An Khe pass, Pleiku, just to name a couple.
He rotated home just days before the Tet offensive began in Jan 68.
He was active in a couple Vietnam veterans groups and was part of an Honor guard for several years.
He was always proud of his service and his contribution.

He had lost a kidney to AO, ten years ago, and a short 3 weeks ago the cancer came back with a vengeance in multiple places. He was brought home with hospice less than a week ago and had a couple days of clarity to say his goodbyes before crossing the divide yesterday morning. I am told he had an easy crossing, which he deserved.
He was a good man.

RIP Ronnie.

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