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Firearm ???

Aztngundoc22Aztngundoc22 Member Posts: 2,314 ✭✭✭
OK : 
looking for a muzzle adapter to go on a Walther P22 so I can attach a 'can' ? what are the thread sizes I need ???
Thanks !!!
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    mark christianmark christian Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 24,456 ******
    edited July 2020
    M8 x .75 to 1/2-28.

    1/2-28 is the more or less standard thread size for US .22 rimfire suppressors.

    Although this is a Walther PPQ .22LR, this photo will show what you are going to do with the thread adapter:

    There are lot of European pistols which all use the same thread adapter size, but be certain to purchase an adapter specifically for the Walther P22

    Notice the "stand off" space needed to clear the rear of the suppressor and the operating spring guide rod. Without that gap, the rod will strike the suppressor and cause a failure to fire or other functioning issues. It will also eventually damage the face of the guide rod.

    AS always, all of these photos are my own: my own pistols and my own suppressors. Nothing has been cut and pasted from the net. 
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