Forum member Maalox has passed away

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I received an email forwarded from Kasey that long time member David Maley, known to us all as Maalox, has passed away after a long battle with cancer. To be honest, I had no idea that he was ill, and if he ever made mention of his cancer in the forums I must have missed it. 

Details of his life and his funeral service can be found here:

Rest In Peace, Maalox.


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    In a line of a post he made on a thread I recall him writing he had something going on.   But he didn't give details or follow up on it.   I didn't ask at the time in respect to his privacy.  I figured he if wanted to share he would.   Perhaps I should have asked.

    RIP David
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    Yes, a long time poster gone. RIP sir, we had a few private conversations, good fellow.
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    RIP Maalox! Prayers said for David's family.

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    RIP David and my sympathies and prayers for his wife Rosita. Haven't used the hunting knife he gave me yet, but when I do I'll be thinking of him. Bob
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    My condolences ,,,,
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    Prayers for his wife, family and friends......May God provide peace and guidance during these difficult times....
    RIP Maalox....
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    RIP David.  May your family find peace and happiness in your memory.
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    Sad news indeed. He was a good guy.
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    Our prayers are with David and his family.

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    It sounds like he led a pretty full life.  peace in your travels.
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    He was such a sweet person.   His wife is equally kind and I'm certain she will miss him very much.      
    He had sent me a message saying things weren't going very well, but asked that I not post about it on the forums.   I never know what to say to someone that is struggling and I wish I could go back and just send him more messages letting him know I cared.   
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    What a great man David was. I enjoyed his company on the forums. We will all truly miss him. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. Oak. 
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    His fight with cancer was one of lonely fortitude and a burden he carried mostly on his own back - which may have been my fault.

    He knew he was sick when I began my cancer chronicles, and when Nord, Dave, and I began having Frank open often unpleasant dialogues on the subject.

    He was particularly distressed with our discussing collateral physical and mental damage we inflicted on those closest to us, and he began to openly discuss his illness in the forums, partially to share his experience and partially to share our burden...

    Nords Spartan like passing hit him hard as they had begun email correspondence that sometimes included me - and to be frank the way he perceived Dave as being spit on and ostracized here bothered him.

    He was also pretty pissed of with me for awhile over my statements regarding my Morgan Silver dollar and my spoken position of choosing hospice when the cancer comes back instead of another round of treatments.

    Pretty certain my attitude at that point bothered many here - you especially were quite verbal about it.

    He also thought my insistence in volunteering at pediatric oncology while noble would end up leading to suicide.

    He knew what was coming for a long time and chose to not burden others...

    Let's all hope and pray that is sharing a pitcher of spaaten with Nord and the Lord - slowly puffing on some fine H. Upmans ring size 50+...*

    With remote * one knee.

    Go with god Dave.

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    Never met him in person but he graduated from HS in the same conference. Lived in the upstate.
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    My condolences
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    Sad news.  RIP David. You will be missed. Prayers.
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    Sad news. He was a good man and will be missed.

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    Sad, always enjoyed his posts. RIP
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    Dave always offered great information on the latest semis, and I thank him gratefully for his insight on many guns that I may have purchased regretfully without his input. He posted many times about being sick, but never mentioned the heart of his battle. May he rest in peace.

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    Sorry to hear this sad news, prayers for Maalox and his family and loved ones.
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    My condolences to his family. I met Dave at the shot show when it was here in Orlando a few years back. I got Dave into the show on Saturday and we spent the whole day walking around the show and talking. He was very knowledgeable and I learned a lot from him that day. I knew of his battle with the cancer but he never complained on the forum much about it. He will be missed by me and many more on this forum. May he Rest In Peace.

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    RIP Sir.

    I do remember several posts way back where he indicated he was struggling with Cancer.

    Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁

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    Very sad news, I didn't know him but I never recall anything but positive contributions to the forum discussions. May he rest in peace and prayers for his family to receive peace in his passing.
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    Never new the man but what a small world.  I'm very familiar with the "Cavaliers", top notch group.  Also Rosemont.,  Il.  And my wife was from the next town over from Cicero!  Bless his soul.
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    Prayers for his family.  He sure seemed like a decent fella.  
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    David was a class act. We spoke a couple of times years ago, and I feared the worst after not seeing him post lately considering I knew of his situation. RIP David,........and prayers asked for his wife and family.
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    My prayers for all
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    60 is way to young. RIP. He will be missed

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    My thoughts mimic yours Idaho. 
    He should have had many years left.
    Thanx Mark for posting his memorial page so we might know more about our forum brother.
    Prayers offered for him and his grieving family. 
    Arrivederci gigi
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    Tough bird as he never complained.....RIP
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    Sad news.
    I enjoyed conversing with him.
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    Condolences to his family.  RIP.
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