9/11/01 ... Tomorrow Is Promised To No One

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... and on the day, I did not raise my eyes to the sky, wring my hands and exclaim Why, Why, Why !
19 years ago, NOT 15



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    My father died on 9/10/01. I was driving from Florida to New York for his funeral on 9/11. I was just entering Atlanta on I-75 when the first plane hit and as I got to downtown Atlanta the second one hit. It’s hard to forget where and what you doing on certain special events in your life. I miss dad every day since then.

    Dad was a B-17 navigator in the war.

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    A friend and business associate had just been hired by the folks at the Marsh Insurance group.  The morning of 9-11 was to be his first day, starting their at their HQ- in the World Trade Center.  His body was never identified.  
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    A day and a reminder every day is precious, every day is a blessing. RIP all the true hero's of that day and the days after. God bless all the families who lost loved ones. 
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