Where is GB customer service ?

I have 2 open support queues for 2 months and they are still open.

is this normal? It’s been a vouple years since I asked for help from support but it’s never taken this long for a resolution.


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    Are you opening the issues and asking questions or checking progress?  If so, that moves your issue to the bottom of the stack, just as if you made a new request.

    Why is your first post on the forums a question about auction support?  We don't/can't do auction support here.
  • Make_America_GR8_AgainMake_America_GR8_Again Member Posts: 2

    My support requests are related to two different issues. Regardless of what the support topic is, 2 months seems to be an excessively long time to wait with no response.

    Im asking here because I haven’t used GB support in a couple years and never had this kind of delay. Don’t know if this is normal or related to COVID staffing at HQ.

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    If you read through the forums you'll notice that there are a bunch of folks asking for support.  There have been a rash of non-paying bidders of late in addition to the regular gripes and I imagine the support folks have pretty full plates.  I'm sure the Covid-craziness has played into it also.   
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    As David (nunn) has pointed out, Auction Support issues are not allowed on the forums. In fact, the forums rules state that these questions are deleted:
    These forums are not directly or indirectly attached to the Auctions so there is really nothing which can be handled from here even by Administrators.

    Now, I understand your frustration and I empathize but there is nothing to be done from here except complain and this is not acceptable.

    The Auction side is absolutely inundated by an extraordinary flood of both seller and buyer traffic resulting in the Support staff being overwhelmed by all of the issues which occur during these trying times. I have no idea of the priority list that Support uses so I can't and won't comment. Support will have to be your outlet for questions and solutions. I am saying that I am closing this thread, not deleting it as called for. Do not reopen the issue here.

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