Busy busy busy....I now own an enclosed trailer....what to put on it to help deter thieves???

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I called around and never found exactly what I wanted. We were interested in a 5x8' trailer with pointed front (to help with gas mileage). I found that size trailer, well built with rock guard, tie downs already inside, but it was square instead of having the pointed nose. We called and found a 5x12' trailer in stock at a nearby place with a ramp back door, no side door, and rock guard for about $1000 less than the other one was priced.

I'll NEVER pull this thing myself, so I let the person who will be pulling it make all the decisions on what we got. I just provided the debit card. You guys do not want me to handle chainsaws or trailers....stop me if you think either of these is about to happen.

Now, I've been told we need to order magnetic signs that say MANURE on them to help keep sticky fingers from looking at it like it might have treasure inside.

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    Nice shiny, washed and polished trailers give people ideas about nice, shiny and polished objects inside said trailer. In the famous words of football legend Peyton Manning...'rub some dirt on it'. Just sayin'.

    Seriously though, the best theft protection you can get is to make sure you have a good hitch lock on your vehicle, and a good hitch lock while it's parked. Never unhook your trailer on the road unless it's a life or death last ditch effort. Trailers don't get broken into nearly as often as whole trailers get stolen. That said, get a decent lock on the back, and when you do park it get one of those theft proof cables and wrap it through the wheels and around the axle. Always park your trailer in a well lighted area. You'll never completely stop a thief, but you can sure as heck slow them way the heck down.

    ETA - With the kind of cargo you carry I would recommend sparing no expense on theft deterrents!

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    Get some of the Master brand discus style padlocks to lock the doors up. The discuss style is harder for thieves to cut than a regular padlock. My wife the cop told me this when I bought my tool trailer.

    To help with mileage make sure that the hitch you use holds the trailer as parallel to the ground as possible. Lots of different options available there.

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    There's a guy out on the interwebz (I think his name is 'lock picking lawyer' or something like that). He's got a bunch of videos on U-toob all about picking locks and breaking into stuff. The guy is a master at opening safes and locks. He can open most any kind of a lock in seconds. I didn't watch it, but he's got a video on those disc locks. It's pretty informative, but it kind of makes me mad there are videos out there telling people how to do all this stuff.

    This guy opened a big gun safe in less than 60 seconds with a beat up old circular saw and just a standard wood blade. A determined thief can break into just about anything.

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    If you are going to be carrying what I think you will, you definitely need one of these.

    Magnetic GPS Tracker Real time Vehicles kids Hidden Car Tracking device GSM GPRS 606098865776 | eBay

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    Back it up to something to prevent the door being opened.

    If you want signage go for a vegetable farm, or specifically a brussle sprout & cauliflower farm! Crooks don’t eat healthy!

    Pulling a trailer isn’t hard to learn, both of my daughters could hitch up and wheel around, backup, load and unload a 3 horse trailer with a tack room before the state said they could drive. Just back up slowly and remember this - put your hand at the bottom of the steering wheel and move your hand in the direction that you want the trailer to go.

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    Look into the gps trackers to put on it . With what you are hauling . you can most likely write it off as a business expense

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    go and talk to your insurance agent to make sure the contents will be covered you may need a ryder on your policy to cover what you will be hauling, give him real figures on total possible amount, better to know now than later, also if someone else is pulling it will the contents be covered, I would ask all the questions before the road trip.......

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    Remove castle ... insert 5x8' trailer 😜

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    If you leave guns in a trailer at a motel kiss them good by. One of the shops here had a trailer full of guns stolen, didn't feel like unloading after a show, and the next morning everything was gone. The ATF went ballistic by the way. Our guys used to have a lot of trouble with tools being stolen out of service trucks at hotels. If I had to stop I would stay with the trailer all night and keep it in my sight with a good alarm that would wake me up. I would have enough people where we could drive straight through without stopping for the night. Good luck!! Me thinks you will get some snow driving experience as well.

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    How about radioactive materials warning symbols on all sides?

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    Some great advice... Insurance... Insure the trailer. Contents most likely won't be covered unless on a separate policy. Good advice on hitch lock. And a camera in the tow vehicle when parked or ask the motel where their camera's are when you park. Don't forget two spare tires. Sounds crazy but when you are a long ways from home and run over something you will thank me. Small generator, extension cord to run the sawzall to cut the wire off the tire that wrapped around the axle when the tire comes apart . 4 way lug wrench or an extend break over bar with a 6 point socket for the lug nuts. My insurance on the 26' aluminum enclosed car trailer is like 80 bucks a yr.

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    A nice comfortable bed inside for you keep an eye on things.

    I can be in side that in a short time with a battery side grinder with a cut off blade.

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    Get a sign for the local rendering company. Also a inedible sign.

    People will keep away from it.

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    A couple of business signs such as "Valley Dead Animal Removal" ought to do it. Especially if you add "Health Hazard: Protective Clothing Required."

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  • Ricci.WrightRicci.Wright Member Posts: 1,759 ✭✭✭✭
  • Ricci.WrightRicci.Wright Member Posts: 1,759 ✭✭✭✭
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    It's being willing. I found out early that most men, regardless of cause or need, aren't willing. They blink an eye or draw a breath before they pull the trigger. I won't. ~ J.B. Books
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    All that's fun guys, but most thieves see right through that stuff.

    Remember, thieves are desperate, they will steal anything they think they can make a buck on.

    Tools are the best, but even manure is worth a buck...never label you trailer with anything for content.

    I had a work buddy slide off the road on I-80 in Rock Springs between Elk Street and Dewar Drive. He got stuck in the ditch, and unhooked his trailer to get out. He then went and ate breakfast and called a tow truck. His trailer with all of his construction tools was GONE!! They never found it!

    Tools make money on the black market, more so than even guns (although I don't know about now). Park a trailer with tools and some mexicans will steal it...I freaking guarantee it!!

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    It's being willing. I found out early that most men, regardless of cause or need, aren't willing. They blink an eye or draw a breath before they pull the trigger. I won't. ~ J.B. Books
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    Hitch locks DO NOT WORK. A thief simply sets the tongue of the trailer on the bumper and lash the safety chains to the bumper and drives off. I know from experience and had security video of the trailer being driven off. Best locks are the "hockey puck locks" no place for bolt cutters and protects trailer hasp from bolt cutter. Thiefs attack the trailer hasp not the padlock with bolt cutters (quiet) . Best option I found is wheel boot lock. I would put the boot on the out of sight side hoping that Thief would try to drive off with it on.

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    A little late for this advise, but a dual axle would have been better. They ride better, carry more weight & if a tire goes, the second on that side will carry it until you stop. You'll be surprised how the cargo weight can build up. And yes, a second spare.

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    I Agree. While funny to talk about if I was a thief and saw some of the signs people are suggesting that would be my first target.

    Best advice is the hitch lock on your vehicle and stay at the nicest most well lit expensive hotel in the nicest part of whatever town you stay in.

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    All good suggestions. Probably impractical to sleep in the trailer. In addition to the good ideas offered, I’d install a motion sensor inside the trailer with a loud alarm and 360 degrees of very bright light. Anyone breaks in and it’ll make a racket.

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    I wired a couple direct 12v lines to the back of my Sube and keep a baby monitor running 24/7. monitor in house.. It transmits at any noise and crystal clear. Rain is just static but noticable.

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    Just be careful about where you stop and park and spend the night. Wheel/axle locks and alarms. Other than that.......as others have said.........a battery operated angle grinder and about 3 minutes will open the side of that trailer up like a sardine can

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    Good ideas. HF makes a driveway alert. Buy 2 on the same channel. Sensors in the trailer with one annunciator and the other in your room. The baby monitor could be left under the back of the trailer. You'd hear anyone even near it.

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    That is a lot of trailer for 1 axel but you'll be fine. I'd probable go with biohaxardous waste signage if that's not a DOT or CDL issue, including a medical waste company name.

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    As far as signs, I hear that most of the people that would break into the trailer don’t like snakes. I would have a sign made about transporting dangerous snakes.

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    Something battery operated that would simulate movement coupled with the snake signs would give most thieves the creeps.

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    if you go for signs use moving co. or even goodwill, or some private company, saying clean your basement/garage and haul off unwanted goods, not sure everyday thief break in for yard sale items........

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    All fun aside, LC. The truth is that if they want to take it or get into it, they can and will. Locks and alarms are best but not absolute protection. The best plan would be to never leave it unattended if it's loaded. If that means a co-driver and no hotel stops, that's the price you pay.

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    No one precaution will insure you won't have a theft. All you can do is put the odds in your favor and hope the fortunes of war will be in your favor. Some of what I have done for security.

    Tell all the neighbors there is a $1,000.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any one stealing from me. You don't have to pay until you get results.

    In the past my pets and their reputations helped deter theft. One night I woke up to hear someone screaming in terror. He (it was a male voice) ran thru a wood fence getting away. I don't have any of those pets now except a longhorn heifer that likes to sneak up on people.


    Ambush. Had a problem of theft on a property. Sprung the ambush but it didn't turn out as good as hoped but it did solve the problem---no more theft.

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    An inside sound sensor aka baby alarm and a GPS tracking device would be my choices.

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    We have confirmed that the trailer and the contents are covered under my business insurance policy, we just have to get an alarm of some kind (nothing specific, just any alarm will cover things in the policy.) I will get one of those GPS things, that looks ideal as a backup plan. We aren't planning on leaving it unattended once it is loaded. If I were driving it would be a bit different because I cannot drive more than 9 hours or so without a bit of insanity and ankles ballooning up to remind me I'm an old woman. We've got a different setup on the truck now to get the ball to line up with the trailer better. The one that was on it was not ideal, but got it home. For now we just have one spare tire, but I do like the idea of having two if we can. We've planned to take a floor jack with us to deal with a flat if it happens. I think I'll get some flares or something in case that sort of thing happens in a bad spot on the road.....maybe a light of some kind. Before I'm done this thing will be loaded up with survival gear. I wish it had the side door.

    We got this for $2100. The smaller one from another company was going to be almost $1000 more.

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    Just a side note...If that truck is going to be your haul vehicle...you need to lower the hitch...

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    The glow of your reddot

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    This may sound lame, but for $50 a year, a AAA card is worth its weight in bellybuttons if you break down. It covers you, not a specific vehicle, so even if you're riding along in a friend's vehicle, you're covered.

    I may be a bit crazy - but I didn't drive myself.
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    Yes the triangular road kit is required in most states, you have to set them out behind the trailer on a breakdown. 4x4 blocks are also handy to get the trailer lifted with a jack. Right advice on AAA They towed me once on a breakdown with a rollback, and hooked my car trailer to the rollback. Breakdowns will occur most at the most unlikely time.

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    Well, a good start would be with a bamboo punji stick trap at the door along with some bull nettles thrown in to expand the pain and suffering...


    ...well maybe not. 😂

    What's next?
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