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Army buddy, My bride, Prayers

4205raymond4205raymond Member Posts: 2,446 ✭✭✭✭
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My Army buddy John from Piedmont, SC called me tonight and we had a good talk. He reminded me that every living thing on this earth has to die eventually, even the mighty old oak tree in my back yard in Virginia. We were in the late '61 basic/ait class from Ft Jackson. When it was all done, all John and I could do was sit on our duffel bags without orders. Half our company went to Korea and half to Germany. Down the Company street came the 1st Sgt. with orders in his hand for the last two of his troops. "Guess what fellas, you are going to West Point." Of course John thought WP Georgia and I thought WP Virginia and of course it turned out to be the USMA at West Point, NY. John and I have been friends all these years.

My bride of 58 years is in the hospital again. She had a stroke about six years ago and took a hard fall. Left knee was successfully replaced but at this point she could not tolerate the right knee replacement. Several urinary infections in past three years and Pneumonia two maybe three times. She had a large tumor in her left lung and they accessed it from her windpipe and took out what they could about a year and half ago. I called 911 Wed because she was so weak and coughed all night the night before . Ems thought vitals were ok but no need to transport to hospital. I insisted and off she went to hospital. Next day coughed up some blood and pulmonologist thinks its coming from tumor. They did what they could at local hospital and yesterday they transported her to Westchester Medical Center. She has had two cat scans since last procedure with no major growth shown. Friday night is a bad time to arrive at another hospital. They did not even know why she was there and finally around 11pm she got a bite to eat and was admitted. My daughter is trying so hard to get the house doctors or the doctor that performs the procedure to call us. I suspect the Doctor that performs this procedure is a rare bird.

I have been my wife's caretaker for about five years now I guess. Fellas and ladies too, if you are so inclined please say a prayer for my Sweetheart, Diane-------------Ray



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