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State Rights vs Federal Rights on Election Laws

serfserf Member Posts: 9,217 ✭✭✭✭

Looks like The liberal Guardian Website is pushing for Federal rights in all state elections manners and blaming The Republicans Big money to control free elections. They fail to recognize they buy votes too with big Money!

The only problem they got now after allocating big money for either Big Business Tax cuts or Socialism giveaways while enriching themselves with back door investments neither can say one party is better than another when Inflation is rampant and a huge national debt over 31 trillion in debt keeps increasing!

The Federal Reserve is in the same situation (bank wise) as The Bank of England to control their respective management of sound money! All this propaganda below is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Looks like a huge conundrum only a hot nuclear war could eerr.. could help hide their transgressions. Out of Chaos comes order.


Recent US history shows how spectacularly effective rightwing funders, representing wealthy Americans and corporations, have been in essentially buying control over our political system. These forces correctly perceive that if democracy is allowed to exist in an unfettered and neutral way, then corporate profits will be diminished and the powerful fossil fuel industry will be phased out over time. So they are organizing to prevent that from happening.


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