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Stupid happens...hurt my finger putting a barrel on a shotgun

Locust ForkLocust Fork Member Posts: 31,168 ✭✭✭✭

I was just thinking "its been a minute since I've hurt myself"....and this should have been a hint that something was going to happen.

I was putting the barrel on a semi auto shotgun.....talking to someone and not paying attention. The action slams shut and my left middle finger was on the barrel ring. So, it shaved a chunk out of the fingerprint are (about the size of a pencil eraser.)

I didn't even feel it....not right away. I had to stop and check to see if I got blood on the gun....thankfully, no.

It bled all day long. I thought I was going to have to run to an ER to get it to stop.

I've noticed that its standard practice for this sort of nonsense to happen if you have a lot to do with firearms or are around people that do.

My father used to have bandaids all around the store....its unavoidable if you work with mechanical type stuff that has no consitency. A slide slams shut and pinches the heck out of your hand....something leaning starts to fall, making the front sight a weapon that slashes someone......I've seen all kinds of craziness happen over the years. Especially if you are working on problems like my father used to do.

Thankfully, I'm just cleaning and putting things together here. I don't have to get tools involved....grinders....belt sanders....hammers (ha ha ha.)

The strangest ordeal I've witnessed was a customer that was dropping off something for my father to work on. They were going over things in the back of the store and the guy had leaned over his gun with his face down near the barrel....the action was open on whatever it popped up off of the floor and hit him in the face. He left and the gun was repaired. When he came in to pick it up he had a * eye. Of course, the guys went bonkers when he walked in. He told us his wife thinks he fought a guy at a gas station that wouldn't stop begging for money. He didn't want to tell her he hit himself in the face with his own gun....she was after him to get rid of some anyway.

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