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Prayers for Willie Jr. ----------Update

4205raymond4205raymond Member Posts: 3,161 ✭✭✭✭
edited January 14 in General Discussion

Was sitting at kitchen table yesterday at noon and did not realize Willie Jr. was under it. Dropped one 200mg ibuprofen tablet on floor and Willie Jr. grabbed it in a flash. I chased him about six feet into TV room and he crushed it and swallowed the whole thing. Did not realize they are very dangerous for dogs, especially small ones.

Talked to my daughter late last night and she insisted that i take him to Vet hospital this AM which I did. She studied animal husbandry in college and she really knows her horses. She called Poison Control Center and got a case number. Vet hospital will not take him without that Number which cost $85.

I slept on floor next to Willie Jr's cage last night. Actually I did not sleep at all. No rest and not eating right. He does not really have bad symptoms now but you have to do the blood work and go from there. Almost $1,000 as a out patient and over $2,700 if they keep him for three days. He is taking a powder, a liquid with syringe and Prilosec OTC. I can hardly keep track of my own meds and now this. I have to make two more trips to Vet Hospital.

Please if you are so inclined, pray for my little Willie Jr. --------------------------Ray


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