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I was wondering how long the post spawn will last. I think it is the very end of the spawn although there are some bass still spawning. Now to my knowledge the fish then go to deeper water and less active, there for harder to catch. When do the fish become active again?



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    Morning and afternoons is the best that i find them active when its hot
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    Post spawn is one of the best times to fish for bass. They are hungry from not eating all that well during the spawn.

    Bass won't move to deeper water, they will move to cover and structure. This is where you can find them. Around docks, failen trees, lilly pads.
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    ...all depends on the temp of the water, how big the lake is. Smaller the lake, the quicker it cools off, the quicker it warms up...and vicie versie for bigger bodies of water.
    Bass can be sluggish after they spawn, a few days, a week... because they are worn out...then they go on a feeding frenzy. This all depends on when they spawned. I was still catching bass 2 weeks ago...with green eggs...and it's been in the 90's around here for 5 weeks or more...and it was MAY!!...[:0]


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