me and the old man

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Went fishing with my dad monday. We faired unusually well. Caught a bunch of nice sized bass. And i even caught a blue gill not sure how i pulled that one of with a jig. We were in Pool 13 of the Mississippi if anyone was wondering.


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    Sounds like a good day..[:)]...I hope to get out with my Dad some time this summer...
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    My son took me out fishing for first time in 10 years fathers day i used to take him then,we caught a nice catch of bluegills big ones that have that hump above mouth about a lb ea.fishing in U.P. michigan,tks.hedge PS they were sure good eating.
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    Chris take/go with your dad as often as you can, memories to be made and remembered. My dad started me hunting, fishing, & shooting, bought me a Baretta .410 when I was 5. He just fished for everything. I started bass fishing only, and hard when I was around 17...and tried to get him into it, but being an 'ol country boy, well, he still just fished for everything![:D]

    Enjoy your time with him buddy...sounds like ya'll had a great time...[;)]


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