Fishin' Friday, 2006, Updated Saturday Action

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We went to the annual Officer David Dickson Memorial Fishin' Friday event today. We took nieces Caitlin and Ashley, and godson Bryz'uan.



Lifestar had a helicopter on display, and later did some cutting up. Of course, Caitlin had to get in it.


In this picture, co-worker Jamie actually has a fish on, but she didn't land it. She did land a couple, but after we had gone to the other side of the park to get a hot dog.


Jamie and Traci. That is a pretty stout tackle box.


Traci's son David Michael.


David Michael managed to catch and land this red-eared turtle.


Ashley and Caitlin fishing.


Trying to interest Bryz'uan in fishing. He is a little young yet.


Bryz'uan has had all he wants of fishing. See ya.

There were some serious big fish stocked. We had many broken lines and many thrown hooks. It was OK, though. The kids all had a good time.


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    On Fishing Friday, no one who caught a fish was allowed to keep it. It was strictly catch and release, and several fish were caught more than once.

    We hooked some fish, but were unable to land any due to weak knots holding on hooks, and the lack of a landing net.

    So, we decided to go back on Saturday, a little better prepared. I bought a landing net, and found instructions for an unbelievably strong knot on the internet.


    Ashley, Dawnie, and Caitlin try their luck.


    Here are the two channel cats we caught, in the ice chest. Sorry about the lack of action shots, but I had to help with the landing. Dawnie caught one, her first ever, and Caitlin caught one, her first "bragging" fish.


    Fish laid out on the sidewalk at home.


    Dawnie with her fish.


    Caitlin with her fish.


    Dawnie and Caitlin together with their fish.

    I got a bite or two, but mostly stayed busy baiting hooks, untangling lines, and landing fish. [;)]

    I wish there had been someone else standing by with a camera or video camera. Dawnie had NEVER caught a fish before, and this one, about a 10+ pound channel cat, put up quite a fight. She was thrilled. Hard to believe anyone, even a New York yankee, could have lived 37 years and had never caught a fish. [:0]

    Not bad for the first time. [:)]

    Caitlin had laid her rod down and went to get a drink, when it took off for the water. She had to grab fast to get hold of the handle before the whole thing disappeared into the pond. [:0]

    BTW, dinner this evening features fried catfish. [:D]
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    Looked like alot of fun.Those are some pretty nice lookin cats,someones eatin good tonight[:D]Nice pics Nunn.
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    NICE catfish !!
    Thanks for sharing the photos!!

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    Look like some dandy's. Not anything much better eatin than a good
    mess of catfish..mmmmmm-mmmm-mmmm.
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    Nice Catfish?

    Trilene Knot all the way!
    Half of the lives they tell about me aren't true.
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    I use the old standby-"fishermans knot"[:D]
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    I was using the Palomar knot, because people were telling me a clinch knot won't hold well on Spiderwire. It failed time and time again.

    So, I looked on this knot-tying site and found the Jansik Special. It looked to be very strong and it is. I believe I will be using this knot a lot.

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    Looks like you were well prepared for the second go. Nice fish. Given me the fever and nothing but rain in our forecast. Plus to many jobs I want to finish this summer. Thanks for the pictures.
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    Thanks for the link, David. Some nice knots on there.
    Half of the lives they tell about me aren't true.
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    ...dang Nunn, I did not even get an invite....Your welcome to come to the ranch anytime...just em and we can work out a time taht works for both of us. Ector, just south of Bonham, is NOT that for form you...and you probably know how to get to Ector on the back roads...Nice fish...that there would make some good steaks, easier to cook that way when their that size...sure glad to see you fishing and posting here...and actually catching fish! Either that or your taking pics of rubber fish like those three stooges rubber chickens...[:D]


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    Ector? You live there, or just visit? I would like to come up some weekend.
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    Looks like fun!
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    Nice cats!!! What'd you catch them on? Is dawnie going to be a fishing addict now?

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    We used some prepared stink bait made in little pellets.

    Dawnie enjoyed fishing and wants to go again.
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