How to get a VIC?

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I'm here in the great state of West Virginia and would like to get a veteran's ID card. Any other WV'ns have info in getting one? I was given a phone number to call but have left messages on their recorder and haven't gotten any call backs. Thanks


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    Not in your state but got mine at the VA clinic nearby.
    They take your picture and info and in about 5 minutes, had the card.
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    Got mine from the VA hospital also..
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    Ive been trying for over a year to get one , no luck. Clinic wont give me one because I dont qualify, earn over $47000 a year. VA office says they cant get one for themselves. Tried State Senator and that was a joke, (Tammy Baldwin) she poses with vets for publicity but try and get her to actuallyl help! Last guy told me a lot of people want cards, just get in line and wait. Just a simple Id card that says I served and was honorably dicharged, what a joke.
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    I went to the business office of the VA hospital with my DD-214 and got one.
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    I tried that but they would not give me one because I didnt qualify because I make more than $47000 a year.
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