upcoming ban for .50 BMG

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Hello I've heard tha there will be a nationwide ban on 50 BMG guns in 7 months. do you guys know anithing about it?

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    In LA, they already are banned. As for national legislation, haven't seen anything about it. Be back later after I check it out for myself...

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    There's a bill in Congress to ban them from private possession.

    Look up 'assault weapon update' post in general discussion to see the bill number and wording of the bill.

    Will definitely be an issue with the upcoming presidential race and GW will have it passed to make himself look good to the voters.

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    Thanks a lot. I'M thinking og getting one and I just don"t want to buy one to turn it back in a few months later.

    in a world full of compromise some don't
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    Even if they are banned; seems unlikely they'll go collect them. They'll probably grandfather all the currently owned ones in, and just make it illegal to sell them. They're in no rush to stip out rights, as long as they get them in the long run.

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