will AWB's death affect AR-15's + mini-14's in NY?

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I have a post ban AR and a mini, am I now free to add that folding stock or threaded barrel? I've heard it varies in some states and I can't find concrete answers anywhere! Even more so in NY!!!


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    I think NY is a lost cause for any kind of firearm. If I am not mistaken even a Ruger 10/22 is off limits in NYC.

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    I'm not talking about NYC though. With or without the ban, these firearms are legal in my area. With the AWB folding stocks and other add-ons were off limits on post-ban weapons. I'm just trying to find out how things will change. I know they're alot more tight on the AR-15's, but the mini-14 wasn't even on the NY state AWB list! It would fall under the old "pistol grip stock + folding butt = assault weapon" .
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    The state has its own assault weapon ban, and its wording is the same as the 1994 AWB, minus the sunset clause. Sorry.

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