"pre-ban" still applies in some states?

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quote:Originally posted by Josey1
Actually if you live in a state such as NY, you still must buy preban mags and firearms to comply with state law. Unfortunately I have been in NY since I took ill and will need to find someone in a free state who owns a preban Beta C mag who is willing to sell it to me for the price of two new Beta C mags that they can now purchase legally.

Now isn't this going to be a big can of worms for those who live in weak second amendment states?

"I swear officer, it's a pre-ban!"

"We'll just impound it until you can prove that."

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    Well, this is the exact lunacy that DOES occur in these such states. For example, California has its own AWB and hi-cap mag restrictions. If you own a 10+ round magazine in California then you better be prepared to prove how you got it. I often wondered "how would they know if it was pre-ban?". I could have easily traveled to Nevada and bought a hi-cap magazine and brought it into California, how would the law know if I had it before or after the ban?

    But why would I want to risk it? If it was somehow shown that I did smuggle such an item into California after the band then I would not only be liable for possess the item, but for traffiking illegal arms! I'm sure that would put me in the slammer for quite a while.


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    What is the state of california going to do ....post the C.H.P. on every road leading into the state ? dont we have enough issues with every thing else going on?
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    Apparently not. There are too many celebs there to concern the state with to care about your safety, but they have no problem busting you guys for no legitimate reason.

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    Remember how many seats were lost after AWB passage? Vae victis!
    Those who would offer any interpretation that would relegate Amendment II to "relic" status of a bygone era are blatantly stating that the remainder of the Bill of Rights isn't worth a damn, either.

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