need 45/75 WCF loading data

dsmc1dsmc1 Member Posts: 112 ✭✭
Just bought an 1876 Winchester in 45/75WCF, bought some brass and a set of Lee dies, and discovered the "Load Chart" is not on the other side of the instructions where Step 4 says it should be.
The only load I have found so far is 24 gr of 4198 with a 350 bullet in Cartridges of the World,4th edition.
The die kit came with a .3cc powder scoop, but 24 grains of 4198 would require a 1.9cc scoop per the Lee chart in their Powder Measure Kit, which I have.
I'm assuming there are other options, including a full case of black powder.
Am I missing something? Any leads to Loading data for this cartridge would be appreciated.
Thanks, Dave


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