Red Dot

I have been to a few gun shows and I do not see any Red Dot shotgun powder. I do see a lot of others, but no Red Dot. Any body see it elsewhere?


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    I see it quite frequently. My local Sportsman's warehouse just had 8# jugs or $136.
  • dcs shootersdcs shooters Member Posts: 10,969
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    There was some at the show Sat-Sun [^]
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    Plenty available, but most people buy it in the 4 or 8 lb so you may not find it in a single lb bottle if that's what you are looking for.

    I still have 20+ lbs of the old stuff and I understand the new is a lot cleaner. If you can't find Red Dot then go for 700X which is just about the same burn rate.
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    Promo loads like Red Dot.
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    Living in North-East Pa. and going around to the different gun shows, you would think somebody would have it. Even when I go in to the smaller gun shops, those folks can't get it either (that is for now). Thanks everybody for your input
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    Groundhog: I have never found gun shows as the place to buy powder. Try the following in your area (I hope).
    Firing Line - PHilly
    Suburban Armory - Collingdale
    Locks Philadelphia Gun - Philly
    Gordon's Sports - Uwchland
    King Shooters -King of Prussia
    In Site - Norristown
    Miller's Sports - Linwood

    If all else fails you can order from ConniesComponents.com located in WA. They include the HazMat fee in their pricing. Buy 8 lbs. and then your good for awhile. You might also check GB, as there is Red Dot every so often.
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    I got a powder shipment last week, Red Dot, Green Dot, Promo, Unique, Clay Dot all 8#. & a few different 1# jugs of rifle & pistol powders.
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    Have not seen any Alliant products in my area for about 2 years except some of the obscure stuff that few use..............
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