Scored some brass

It's nice to know people in high places. The local police chief just dropped off about 500 rounds of 40 S&W brass, some 38s and a few 9s they picked up after qualifying at a friends private range. Every once in a while he throws some 308 my way also.


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    I was shooting at my club range last year and the Sheriff and a couple of his people were testing some new Glock 40's. When they finished, they picked up the brass and gave it to me. I like to be there when they are all qualifying. They aren't allowed to shoot reloads and they always leave a pile of brass.
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    We just finished four weekends in a row of deer rifle sight in. Needless to say I am well stocked on .308, .243, .303 Brit., 30-06(I could barely waddle off with it all), a smidge of 6.5x55(40) 3 boxes of 25WSSM and unbelievably, one box of .284 from a guy who doesn't reload right out of a Win. model 88 cool beans eh? Needless to say there were a few of us fat dumb and happy reloaders when it was all said and done.
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