Anyone into classics?

I used to have quite a collection of classics, including lots of old sheridans and nelson variants. Even had a KP, kicking myself for letting it go. Now Im down to a PMI-1 as far as classics go. What yall got? [:D]


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    Would a old original spyder classic and a tippman pro-lite count? If so then yes.

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    Sold off my last Line SI Bushmaster since I haven't played in so long and they seem to sell better than what I picked them up for. With all the new Gen. of pump players now looking for the '80's top of the line. I'll mentiontion my Line SI Promaster (one of the first semi's mass produced) I held on to the Bushmaster for so long since the barrels with the Promasters were interchangeable. I basically had too, many 2 first run AGD Sydarms, 2 Line SI Buchmasters, Line SI Promaster, Hopped up Millenium Bob Long Spyder, first run AGD CenterFeed Minimag. So now all I have are the last three Semis still 2 too many.
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    I use an original PGP, and my favorite gun is my P68SC. I also have an old brass eagle King Cobra.

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