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    HEY THAT IS NOT PAINTBALL - it's major redecoration =o)

    Don't do anything that I've allready done - That'd be just plain STOOOOOOPID.

    The only way to get stoned??? - Whisky on the rocks.!!
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    hdball.gifGod Speed With All Of Our Troops~
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    Saw that thing a little while back. That is the scenario players dream. Although I would have to see it to believe it works well enough to justify its use as being just a hassle. Also I think if it shoots that fast there is a risk of injury involved that is unneccessary and very dangerous and couldn't be used in a tournament paintball setting and wouldn't be allowed but as a paintball LAW in scenario games.

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    ya seen that while back also.. but it doesn't shoot paintballs only BBs or airsoft..

    They are custom making me one for paintball use

    Jess Carroll
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    Hey splatzone,
    So you bought one off ebay? I've talked to other people on paintball forums who've been ripped off by them. Apparently they haven't gotten the feed mechanism working. I'd be really interested to know how this works out for you.
    Please keep us posted.
    Good luck,
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