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That poor guy.

Big andyBig andy Member Posts: 192 ✭✭✭
Wh were playing a game where we get to kill a guy who is the president. But you need a head shoot to get him. He ran through a open field. We all fired at him. By the time he yelled he was hit he had 53 huts on his body.

God Guns and guts


  • robomanroboman Member Posts: 6,436
    edited November -1
    Serves him right for running through an open field [}:)][:D].

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  • splatzonesplatzone Member Posts: 81 ✭✭
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    lol nice.. i bet he won't do that again

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  • silver6silver6 Member Posts: 613 ✭✭✭✭
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    Yeah we play that one and we just call it president. But we do just a hit anywhere bigger than a quarter. And the attacking team is always smaller by a few.

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  • Big andyBig andy Member Posts: 192 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    We play the president dont get a gun he chooses five people he wants.

    God Guns and guts
  • rassd71rassd71 Member Posts: 34 ✭✭
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    Yeah, I've played President. It's really unnerving playing without a marker. And there are times that a good sprint can really throw people off. On the other hand it's pretty bad for friendly fire. Anyone really running is a target.

    I've also played Terminator where you designate a Terminator or Terminators and put a white headband on their masks. Only head shots count. That can be really great. Especially with newbies. I've played as the Terminator with a pump and still kicked butt.
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