forster trimmer ?

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i have a forster trimmer that i am having prob with.i bought the trimmer and bushings as a set.i have been trying too trim my 22-250 brass but i after i full lenght size it, the number 2 mandrel will not go in the case mouth.i have 2 number 2 mandrels and they are both too big. i even tried just neck sizing some fireformed cases and they are still too big .any help is apprec.thanks


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    The .22-250 trim pilot is for .224 diam bullets.
    You might try a .22 Hornet trim pilot, for .223 bullets.
    Or, go even smaller with a .204 Ruger trim pilot at .204". Not recommended. The experts will jump all over me for that advice.
    Both are available from Forster.
    Or, chuck the pilot in a lathe and "emery" it down a .001 or two.
    Be sure to mark the pilot for your .22-250.

    Be sure the brass is square when the collet tightens up.
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    Mine is stamped with 22 on the end and measures .2200. It works great. What does yours measure?
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    I have a forster original case trimmer kit and all of my pilots are stamped .20,.22,.24 and so on and the .22 fits fine in 22/250 or .223

    my trimmer is a very nice tool and I am sure you will like yours also
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    You should trim them before they are sized, and your problem should go away.....
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    Ditto to mrbruce, I had the same problem, then started to trim before sizing. That cured the problem.
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