This will be my last shotgun. Best Auto?

My health and eyesight is failing from severe diabetes. I'm also a little tore-up from injuries. I'll probably be able to hunt with my 4 sons for 2 years at the most.

I just sold a few things and decided to buy a semi-auto to replace my wonderful old A-5 I lost in Katrina. I was kinda wanting a Bennelli or a Baretta? But, any GOOD semi-auto would be OK. It's been so long since I bought a shotgun, I don't even know what's GOOD anymore.

Does anyone out there have a semi-auto to sell? I'm not much on cosmetics. Scratches-n-stuff don't much matter. You shouldda seen my old 1954 A-5! It shot as well as the day I bought it though.


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    Keep checking this site. I recently sold a nice A-5 belgium that was unmessed with for $469.00 on this site. I only had one bidder and that was my starting price.

    I sold another about a year ago that had been reblued and had synthetic stock for about the same.

    I think you could look at the Remington 1100's if you don't have the need to shoot 3 inch magnums. I have seen some here go for under $400.

    The Remington should work good for you as long as you don't let it get too dirty or very cold. I have had my 1187 get sluggish when shooting waterfowl in below-freezing temps here in Michigan. If you hunt in the south, I don't think it would be an issue.
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    Bennelli anything
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    get an old winchester super x model one. best semi auto shotgun ever made.
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    Remington 1100 is the way to go. Will shoot anything you put through it from light skeet to heavy buckshot loads. Easy to clean and maintain. Can't go wrong.
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    Browning Gold Hunter, shot friends, great gun
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    Another vote for the Browning. Based on your description of yourself, you aren't looking for a hard recoiling gun. That rules out any of the lighter guns (such as the Benelli or Remington 1100) if you plan on shooting anything other than light skeet loads. The Browning is gas-operated and a little heavier than the others. I have 2 (a 12 and a 20) and I love them both. They are very comfortable to shoot and will take any punsishment that you can dish out. Plus, you can pick up a good used one for between $500-$700.
    All of that being said, my other advise is to handle as many as you can before buying and then get the one that is most comfortable to mount to your shoulder. It will help you shoot better and will also improve felt recoil.
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    Browning Gold is heavy, at your age may be a pain, and slow to mount. Benellis are awesome but do kick, and hard to justify expense for 2 years of use--unless you want to pass it on to your kids. Personally I love my beretta 390, some are still around and for less than new 391 model.

    enjoy the rest of your hunting, and especially w kids!
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    Remington 1100 is about the softest shooting 12 gauge I've ever shot. Benellis are nicer for competition, since there are not as many small parts to break, but they kick like a mule.

    Stick with the 1100.
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